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How to use Nunchaku in Hapkido | Martial Arts Training

How to use Nunchaku in Hapkido | Martial Arts Training

Do you wanna be like Bruce Lee?
This martial arts video is for you.
Nunchaku master lesson by Hapkido Martial Arts Master Chai.

English and Thai.

Hapkido(合氣道/합기도) – The character Hap(合/합)means “coordinated”, or “joining”, or “combine”, Ki(氣/기)describes “internal energy, spirit, strength, or power”. And Do(道/도) means “the way of your life”, this translates into “the way of combining powers to control” or “living a life in harmony.”


合(합)Hap – Combine, plus
氣(기)Gi – Energy, power
– Combine my energy with others to live in harmony.


流(유)Yu – Flow
圓(원)Won – Circle
和(화)Hwa – Harmony, Combine
– Combine my energy with my opponent’s energy with constant flow in circular movements to ultimately take control of power and maximize the effect of techniques.

Hapkido is a dynamic and eclectic Korean Martial art. It is a form of self-defense that employs countless and practical joint locks, techniques of other martial arts, as well as kicks, punches, and other striking attacks. Hapkido also teaches the use of traditional weapons, to include a sword, rope (belt), nunchaku, cane, short stick, staff, and also provides instruction on defense techniques to use against attacks encountered by punches, kicks, a staff, a knife and/or gun.