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Pendulum Sweep from Full Guard (Effective At Any Level in BJJ)

Pendulum Sweep from Full Guard (Effective At Any Level in BJJ)

In today’s BJJ technique video I show an effective fundamental sweep from Full Guard can work from White Belt to Black Belt. It’s also a sweep that has a ton of carry-over value to things like armbars, oma-platas and other techniques from closed guard. Lastly, it’s also a sweep for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, that if you get good at using it, can lead to lots of other sweeps and submissions.

That sweep is non other than the Pendulum Sweep and is right in line with things like Scissor Sweeps as Fundamentals all White Belts must have some understanding of. Now in this video I show the distinction I make between the Pendulum and the Flower sweep because they get mixed up. Now I’m not saying everyone in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu goes by the same names as I share in the video, but this is what I call them.

Anyways, I share some details on how to set it up, how to execute it and how to finish it that I hope are useful to you and your Jiu-jitsu.

Thanks for watching.
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