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Become a Back Taking Machine ( BJJ Guard Pass to Back Take )

Become a Back Taking Machine ( BJJ Guard Pass to Back Take )

The Double Under Pass in BJJ (sometimes called a Double Stack Pass) is an awesome option that has a ton of variations.

1 common counter to the Double Under Pass, as well as many others in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, is going to the Turtle position.

By moving to the Turtle position the person is able to avoid points in a points based Brazilian Jiujitsu match. And in a overall dominance situation. Being on top in Turtle is far less dominant than Top of Side Control or Mount.

In this video I answer the question about what to do when someone Turtles after hitting them with the Double Under Pass.

I demonstrate one of my favorite Double Under Pass variations that I use in No Gi when someone is a very “Leggy” guard player Meaning they’re legs are very hard to control.

After the pass I show a way to setup the Back Take following the person going to turtle.

It’s a great way to get to Back Mount and immediately works right into a rear naked choke or similar submission.

If people are going to Turtle on you during training / rolling, competitions or otherwise. Then I hope this Bjj Back Take from the Double Under Pass works for you!

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Oh and P.S . . . I included some of the rolling from my trip in Costa Rica along with me hitting this technique in a roll.
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