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[Aikido Ukemi] Basic Rolling Tutorial / All Basic Rolls

[Aikido Ukemi] Basic Rolling Tutorial / All Basic Rolls

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This tutorial explains all main Aikido basic rolls (ukemi) in detail. It emphasizes details that are easy to access, understand and apply both for beginners and experienced aikidoka. Further bellow you will find timing links to specific exercises. Let us know in the comments what Aikido tutorials you miss and need and we will do our best to bring it to you on our channel.

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1. Forward Ground Roll:
2. Ground Roll Stand Up:
3. Forward Roll from Knee:
4. Standing Forward Roll:
5. Backward Roll:

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For more about Dojo and Sensei:

“Aikido Siauliai” is a Dojo which combines Aikido, Yoga and Meditation in Lithuania, city Siauliai. It is lead by Sensei Rokas Leonavicius (2 dan Aikikai) who has more than 12 years of Aikido experience. Since 2012 he has opened and lead Aikido Siauliai Dojo. Sensei Rokas is a direct student of Sensei Patrick Cassidy (6th dan).

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Camera: Karolis Martisauskis