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Aikido STRIKES, attacker techniques (kogeki) by Stefan Stenudd, 7 dan Aikikai shihan

Aikido STRIKES, attacker techniques (kogeki) by Stefan Stenudd, 7 dan Aikikai shihan

The attack techniques in aikido are called kogeki, and they are just as important to practice as the defense techniques. Here are the basic strike attacks.

The attacker (uke) should be just as focused and continuously aware as the defender (nage) in aikido. Otherwise, it is hardly possible to reach some skill in the aikido techniques. That means the attacker also strives to be balanced and effective. It also means that the attacker is active and adaptive all through the technique.

Of course, this must be trained with care to avoid accidents, and the training should adapt to the levels of the participants. The attacks should be done so that the defender has a chance of trying and learning the techniques. As the defender improves, so does the intensity of the attacks.

This video shows a number of basic strike attacks. In a few cases, it also shows how grabs might be followed up by strikes. The aikido techniques should be done so that such follow-ups are avoided.

In partner training, the strikes should always be aimed so that they would hit if tori does not move to avoid them. That is very important in order to learn correct distance and timing. Of course, it should always be done with proper care to avoid injuries.

I have also made a video on grab attacks, which can be found here:

I have written a book about attacks in aikido. See the link to it below.

Uke was Stephan Schröder (

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