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3 BJJ Solo Drills and How To Use Them During a Match or Rolling

3 BJJ Solo Drills and How To Use Them During a Match or Rolling

Earlier this summer I did a set of BJJ solo drills for guard passing that you could do on a heavy bag. Using the heavy bag to mimic our opponent’s body in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The BJJ guard passing drills can be see here:

One of the questions or requests I received from this BJJ drills video was if I could show when these movements would be used during a match.

So I picked 3 of the BJJ solo drills and included them in the video.

The three BJJ drills I chose are

– Spike pressure

– Hop Over

– Step Over

These 3 BJJ movements are incredibly helpful for developing a nasty Guard passing game in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

I also go into deeper explanation of how these drills might work or the concepts behind them.

You can use these movements as a part of your BJJ training. Whether to build up better agility and speed, or if you need some time off and use them as a supplement for training while you rest. As I was doing at the time of filming the video.

I hope this BJJ solo drills video is helpful as I know many of you don’t have a ton of time in the gym.

Thanks for watching!

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