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The Future of Aikido • Ft Christopher, Francisco, Nathanael, Rokas

The Future of Aikido • Ft Christopher, Francisco, Nathanael, Rokas

Four people at the top of the questioning of Aikido game sit down to discuss what it would take for Aikido to have a bright future. How should it evolve? Why is it in a crises? Where does Aikido stop being Aikido and much more.

Listen to the audio podcast version here:—The-Future-of-Aikido–Ft-Christopher–Francisco–Nathanael–Rokas-ehka4m

Learn more about each participant:
Christopher Hein •
Francisco de los Cobos •
Nathanael Chawkin •
Rokas Leonavičius •

00:00 Intro
01:30 Is Aikido in a crises?
09:30 Discord between Aikido styles and schools
11:59 If you change Aikido techniques is it still Aikido?
15:05 Understanding the proper context of Aikido
20:16 Training without feedback doesn’t teach you how to fight
25:23 What Aikido offers that others can’t?
42:20 What’s the baseline of Aikido?
56:34 The three things Aikido should focus on
01:09:39 Summary

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