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The Butterfly Posture – Integral Taichi Qigong 08

The Butterfly Posture – Integral Taichi Qigong 08

Thich Man Tue ( Insight) who is sharing the Qigong at Blue Cliff Monastery, Pine Bush, New York…
He is enjoying Qigong every day and would like to share with everyone who can not come to Blue Cliff Monastery at this difficult time .
This video recorded at Blue Cliff Monastery, 3 Mindfulness Rd, Pine Bush, New York.

The Butterfly Posture is a good Qigong Posture . it is quite active and difficult posture. If you take more time to practice over and over again to get used to it and memorize it well. You can move from the left first, repeat for 5 times or more, Then you will turn to the right side. You will feel good after that..
This posture helps us to let go all worries and open our mind to life. For those of you who love to move and be more flexible , this is the posture for you.
remember to relax your body and breathe naturally .

You might need to watch this. It can help you to understand The Art of Qigong

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Music back ground : Piano ( Breathing In, Breathing Out) by Bao Tich ( asked for Permission)
Video recorded, edited, and Performed by Thich Man Tue.

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Please enjoying watching, breathing and practicing Qigong at Home.