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Aikido That Makes Sense • Ft. Christopher Hein • Rediscovering Aikido

Aikido That Makes Sense • Ft. Christopher Hein • Rediscovering Aikido

I was recommended by numerous people to talk to Christopher Hein, an Aikido Sensei who also went on a Martial Arts Journey to train mixed martial arts and BJJ after already receiving a black belt in Aikido. Sensei Chris in this talk offers a lot of unique perspectives and really well developed thoughts, while also describing his own unique approach to Aikido.

Audio podcast version:—Aikido-That-Makes-Sense–Ft–Christopher-Hein–Rediscovering-Aikido-egvd31

Christopher Hein’s YouTube channel:

00:00 Intro
09:43 Christopher Hein’s Martial Arts Journey
19:50 Defining Aikido’s unique place in the world
24:40 How do you teach Aikido differently?
29:55 Where Aikido went wrong historically
33:06 Who is an ideal client for your type of Aikido
35:48 Should Aikido instructors educate themselves outside of Aikido
40:31 Being hated in the Aikido community
45:22 How do you teach Aikido philosophy practically
48:30 Do you think Aikido is in a crises
59:21 Do you look up to someone in Aikido
01:07:04 Christopher’s YouTube channel
01:10:54 Summary

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