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Too Old to Become a High Level BJJ Competitor ?

Too Old to Become a High Level BJJ Competitor ?

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Have you ever looked at some of the higher level people in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and wondered if you could get to that point with your competition abilities?

This is the question from our friend George who is new to BJJ and wants to become a high level BJJ competitor. But his worry is that he is too old. He’s 18.

In this video I share the fact that I think it’s more than possible for him to become high level in Brazilian Jiujitsu if he goes after it. But ultimately what I think doesn’t matter.

What matters is that George takes action towards what he wants. That’s the only way he will find out if he can truly be a good Brazilian Jiujitsu competitor.

I also touch on the mental block that seems to be coming with our friend.

If you’re interested in being a BJJ competitor or have a dream that you’re chasing. I hope this video is useful to you.

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