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Linda Eskin – Aikido 1st Kyu Exam – Aikido of San Diego

Linda Eskin – Aikido 1st Kyu Exam – Aikido of San Diego

My 1st kyu Aikido exam, on 9 March 2013. I began training in May 2009. As usual, there are parts of my test I was happy with, and parts that, ahem, help show me what I need to work on. Learn more about Aikido, the martial art of harmony, and follow my blog sharing my experiences as a student at Aikido is a non-oppositional, non-competitive practice appropriate for all ages.

Many thanks to my mentors, ukes, and fellow test candidates, whose teaching, coaching, and encouragement have been an important and happy part of my Aikido training from the beginning, and to my teacher, Dave Goldberg Sensei, and all the instructors and students at Aikido of San Diego (

You can find all of my exam videos here: Better yet, come see a class in person. Most dojos, including Aikido of San Diego, welcome observers. If you are thinking Aikido is something you might enjoy and benefit from, don’t wait, find a dojo and start training!