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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – The Great Ego Destroyer [Documentary]

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – The Great Ego Destroyer [Documentary]

This amazing documentary was made by David Torres Labansat exploring the subject of how BJJ impacts people’s lives by making its practitioners more humble and sincere. After seeing this documentary and getting to know David personally I asked him if I could share it on my channel since I really liked the message it delivers and David was kind enough to allow me to do it. So without further adieu – enjoy “The Great Ego Destroyer”.

A description by David himself:
The main topic of this documentary is the psycho-social impact that brazilian jiu jitsu has on the daily life of ordinary people, including the directors´. By being part of it, it becomes inevitable to adopt a life style in which they can fight their frustrations redirecting them to the practice of this discipline. If emphasizes the importance of working together with all kind of different people and learning from each other, in order to make ourselves strong enough to achieve inner peace, and how although we all have the same goal, it can be reached in several ways, narrated by the point of view of its participants.

Watch a discussion with the creator of the documentary here:

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