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Best Martial Art for Self Defense (2020)

Best Martial Art for Self Defense (2020)

What is the best martial art for self defense? The answer is more complex than you might think. First you have to consider if the martial art system is practical. Many systems use techniques that don’t make sense of the types of encounters you are likely to find yourself in.

Next, to be considered good for self defense, a martial art must be properly tested. So many systems are training techniques that will only work properly in the gym against a cooperative opponent. It is extremely important that the fight tactics and techniques that your martial art system uses for self defense be tested in a safe environment against a non-cooperative opponent so that you DON’T have to test it in the street.

Finally, you need to be able to pull off whatever your martial art system is asking you to do. Many people ask what is the best martial art for a street fight, but they don’t consider the idea that they might not be able to perform the art as it was intended. Anyone can get stronger, faster, and in better shape through training, but that doesn’t mean that a 60 year old should be throwing jumping spin kicks in a street fight.

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