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Karate VS Taekwondo Sparring!! 3rd Dan Kempo V 4th Dan TKD (World)

Karate VS Taekwondo Sparring!! 3rd Dan Kempo V 4th Dan TKD (World)

ITS TIME! What’s Better? WTF Taekwondo or Kempo Karate! In this episode of Seth getting kicked in the head, I spar with Master David Wright, who is a 4th Dan in WT and a 5th Degree Black Belt in Hapkido. We spar in three separate rounds. In the first round, we simply go freestyle stand up kickboxing. Leg kicks are allowed, but lets be honest, they’re just not as fun as head kicks! David even lands a nice tornado kick and even a crescent kick on me! In Round 2, I try and look like a sport Karate guy, and David utilizes his kicking World Taekwondo Federation prowess.. That doesn’t go well for me. Lastly, David and I go boxing for the last round! No Taekwondo Kicks, no karate kicks, just good ole fashion punching and movement, boxing style!

Lastly, I break down some of the best techniques that were landed, so stay on the look out for that at the end of the video!

Now, I am aware the itf vs wtf taekwondo is a thing. In the next episode, David and I talk about if and how WTF Taekwondo can be useful in MMA or in a street fight!! Make sure you check out the next episode of Fight Talk if you’re excited about that!!

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