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Tai chi chuan for beginners – Taiji Yang Style form Lesson 1

Tai chi chuan for beginners – Taiji Yang Style form Lesson 1

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Tai chi for beginners is the best place to begin when learning a tai chi form or tai chi quan. The Yang Style is suitable for all ages. The great thing about Master Wong’s training method is it can be transferred in to combat too or even self defence. Tai Chi chuan relies on technique, balance and softness.

Tai Chi Health
This daily practice of Tai chi will enhance your mental capacity to deal with the stresses of every day life. Qigong or chi gong is practiced for this reason.
The movements will strengthen your muscles and joints and improve your balance and co-ordination externally. As you master breathing you will become more aware of your bodies natural systems and begin to balance and control your respiration and circulation internally.
Meditating while balancing your body internally and externally will lead to a balanced mind. Your memory will be better, you will pick things up quicker and the decisions you make in your life will be easier. Researchers have found that Tai Chi practice shows favorable effects on the promotion of balance control, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. Tai Chi has stood the test of time, millions upon millions of people practice Tai Chi to keep themselves young in body and mind and have been doing so for thousands of years.

The slower and longer you practice the more beneficial it is. Play around with the short form like the 8 step to begin with to build strength and understanding, before doing the full 24 yang form.

How do I know I’m doing it right?
Your hands and body should feel warmer if not hotter when you have done the movements for a while. You may feel achy the day after training when you first begin. Later you will feel less achy as you progress.

What is Tai Chi? (Also known as Taiji)
There are 5 styles of Tai Chi forms. Yang, Chen, Sun, Wu, Ng.
Tai chi chuan is a slow motion, moving meditative exercise for relaxation, health and self-defence. Now a days most people practice the Yang style for the health benefits. Originally from China and designed for combat, Tai Chi has gained enormous popularity in America and throughout the rest of the world for its health benefits and competitions. However many few are able to Master the combat side and rear to see Masters who can apply it in real time.

Tai Chi chuan or also known as Taijiquan was originated by a Shaolin monk ‘Chan San Feng’, while studying in the Taoist monasteries on Wudang Mountain. For more info on the history please visit our website:

Yin and Yang
According to Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are the two forces that generate chi. They are seen as opposites: yin is feminine and yang is masculine. But neither can exist without the other. And together they represent the perfect harmony that underpins all creation. The balance between yin and yang is never static.

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