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Hapkido 4th Degree Black Belt Grading

Hapkido 4th Degree Black Belt Grading

Watch a 38 year old grind through a 4th degree Hapkido Black Belt Grading.

“Wearing a Black Belt does not make you a super hero, it is our everyday actions in the belt that matter. My hero’s are my teachers, training partners and students. Thankyou for being there to help me grow and give back.”

Thankyou to mentor Grandmaster Ryoo for the opportunity to learn your martial arts and traditions.

Thankyou to my brother and training partner Anthony for keeping me accountable everyday.

Thankyou to my wife Samantha and family for your endless love and support.

Thankyou to all Black Belt training buddies for beating me up, especially to Van Tran, Peter, John, William Bunn & the Eastwood academy whom I have watched grow as young students that have risen above and beyond expectations.

Thankyou to Black Belt students Justin, Josh, Chris, Leon and Antonia for your support. Thankyou and congratulations to Black Belt students Bill & Gabriela who achieved their 1st degree alongside me on the day.

Thankyou to all students at GIANT Martial Arts who give me inspiration to keep going.

It is tough to cram in a 5 hour grading into 5 minutes, however the highlight will give you a glimpse of all the wonderful mixed skills and challenges that Hapkido has to offer. “You are not meant to win this day, you are meant to survive it”. The test builds resilience and spirit.

Thankyou to Master Ryoo, Ashley, Antonia and Josh for the footage and highlights.

– Start at 6am
– 5km jog
– 100 pushups, crunches, squats (normally bows, however my left knee was recovering from a PCL injury)
– Falling techniques and over 70 striking techniques and combinations
– Meditation consisting of a 2 minute fist plank on timber and 7 minutes of Naega Shin Jang
– Self defence techniques from standing and ground consisting of grabs, strikes, weapons, reversals and counters. Approx. 180 techniques.
– 5 rounds of grappling
– 8 rounds of striking sparring
– 5 minutes of multiple attacker circle work (this is a grinding end)

Enjoy the highlight and keep being the best version of yourself!

Giorgio Repice – October 2020