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12 Ways COBRA KAI got American Karate RIGHT

12 Ways COBRA KAI got American Karate RIGHT

COBRA KAI IS SWEEPING (THE LEG OF) THE NATION. While we already broke down some fight scenes of Season 1 and Season 2 of Cobra Kai which is now on Netflix, I saw that Jesse Enkamp (the karate nerd) broke down the main issue in the lineage of Okinawan Karate that Cobra Kai’s Miyagi Do makes!! So while the lineage of Miyagi Do might be a little confusing still, there are some things that Cobra Kai did well on the American Karate portrayal!! Its thought that Cobra Kai Karate is Shotokan or a Korean version of Shotokan (Tang Soo Do), but regardless, Johnny Lawrence and Kreese aren’t a terrible representation of what karate in America looks like!! We also talk about Miguel Diaz, Robby Keene, Daniel LaRusso, Samantha LaRusso, Tory, and more! The Cobra Kai Fight Scenes were awesome, but now lets break down the 12 ways Cobra Kai got American Karate, just right.. like sparring, equipment, athletic performance in martial arts, karate demo, the grey area of strike first strike hard no mercy, and even how kicks get chicks!!


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