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Exposing Fake Martial Artists

Exposing Fake Martial Artists

Martial arts has taken off recently with MMA, the UFC, but these are the absolute biggest fake martial artists you’re ever going to find across karate, kumg-fun, krav maga, judo, brazilian jujitsu and just about anything else!

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Martial artists have claimed, boasted about, and built businesses upon all kinds of fake techniques. So-called karate dojos have promoted pressure point knockouts. Kung fu masters have misled followers with unbeatable moves that don’t really work, and some martial arts gurus have even claimed to wield extraordinary powers, like being able to knock out opponents without so much as laying a finger on them.

While the martial arts industry has thousands of reliable, reputable people and techniques, the number of fakes out there is far greater than we would have ever guessed. Ever since the popularity of martial arts exploded in the 1970s, people have been ready to pounce and take advantage of it.

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