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Kung Fu Camp Östersund (Sweden) – 20 Years Zi Ran Wu Yi Kung Fu

Kung Fu Camp Östersund (Sweden) – 20 Years Zi Ran Wu Yi Kung Fu

The training camp in July 2019 was a very special camp, because the Zi Ran Wu Yi Kung Fu school celebrated its 20th anniversary. The wonderful and enriching time we spent together in this camp will be long remembered. The new experiences we made will support us in our future learning of the martial arts and on our path of life. Learn more on our Website:

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From Martial Art I learned, that the more fear we have and the more resistance we provide, the more painful our experiences become. But as soon as we let go, we are immediately back in the flow of life. The nature of life is joy.
Allow yourself to let go of your conditioning. Be quiet, direct all your willpower into your heart and ask your heart what you really want. Feel your purpose and destiny, unceasingly find harmony and peace within yourself. Follow your enthusiasm and bliss. Do not drift mindlessly in life. Do not waste it without being present with your consciousness. Believe in yourself. Be yourself, be truly yourself, be at peace.

Open your heart and receive the moment. Fall in love with the present.

Richard Kleinert

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