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Knifes and Defense | Hapkido

Knifes and Defense | Hapkido

Lesson by Master Chai

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As a hapkido student advances through the various belt levels (essentially the same as other Korean arts, e.g. taekwondo), he or she learns how to employ and defend against various weapons. The first weapon encountered is most often a knife (Hangul: 칼; RR: kal). Another initial weapon used to teach both control and the basic precepts of utilizing a weapon with Hapkido techniques is the Jung Bong (police baton sized stick), techniques and defenses against the 35 cm short stick (Hangul: 단봉; hanja: 短棒; RR: danbong), a walking stick or cane (ji-pang-ee; 지팡이), and a rope are introduced in hapkido training. Many hapkido organisations may also include other weapons training such as a sword (gum; 검), long staff (Hangul: 장봉; hanja: 長棒; RR: jangbong), middle length staff, nunchaku (Hangul: 쌍절곤; hanja: 雙節棍; RR: ssangjeolgon), war-fan or other types of bladed weapons such as twin short swords. Some schools even teach students to defend against firearms.[citation needed] Hapkido weapons techniques are often incorporated into many military and law enforcement training curricula.
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