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Can You Learn Krav Maga Online? Two Guys Prove It.

Can You Learn Krav Maga Online? Two Guys Prove It.

Can you really reach a high level of proficiency with an online krav maga course?

Tarek El Attar and Nicholas Schubert from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada set out to learn krav maga four years ago. By training together in intense 2 hour sessions, constantly re-watching the training videos, being honest with their own mistakes, and heeding the feedback from their instructor along the way – they reached their goal of black belt.

For each belt level, they submitted a full video test (some of their video tests were 2 hours long, non-stop without rests or breaks in-between techniques). Mr. South graded their exam, and filmed personal feedback videos, showing them their mistakes, giving corrections, and guidance along the way.

They trained completely online for four years, and came in-person to take their live black belt test at Mr. South’s school in Oklahoma City. It was a grueling two day exam, covering every aspect of the curriculum.

Can it be done? Online martial arts training only works – if the student works. Tarek and Nick are proof that with the right training tools, a great partner, and strong self-discipline – it’s possible.

They trained in the Global Martial Arts University Krav Maga course: