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Mike Tyson VS MuayThai/KickBoxing Confuses Joe Rogan

Mike Tyson VS MuayThai/KickBoxing Confuses Joe Rogan

How would Mike Tyson do VS Kick Boxer’s and Muay Thai Fighters? In a recent podcast, Joe Rogan, Vinny Shoreman & Liam Harrison all instantly knew a boxer would not fair very well in the world of Kick Boxing and Muay Thai; but the moment they mentioned Mike Tyson, all of a sudden it was if a wrench was thrown into the system. They started to second guess whether or not Mike would have problems. This has been a common theme when mentioning Mike Tyson in his prime. When we think about him, he appears to be relevant and dangerous in all points of boxing history, even today… That’s how far ahead of his time and dangerous he was in him prime. But kick boxing is a very different animal. How would Mike Tyson really do? Perhaps looking over some of his highlights may provide some clues? His play fight with an all time GOAT Jon Jones? Thank you for joining me on this breakdown as we take a closer glance.

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